About Us - Victoria Parking

Serving Since 2023

With dedication, integrity and an uncompromising commitment to Service, Victoria Parking is family company.

Our parking lots offers security standards and greater accessibility. We offers both short and long-term Newark Airport parking with a secure lot, a completely automated check-in system, and comfortable shuttle service.


At Victoria Parking LLC, our mission is to provide travelers with secure, convenient, and affordable parking for EWR Airport. Since our inception in December 2022, we’ve aimed to offer a safe and reliable parking experience located just minutes away from EWR airport. With a commitment to maintaining our status as a trusted parking provider, we prioritize low prices without compromising quality. Our dedicated team of employees work cohesively with respect and enthusiasm to ensure every customer’s journey begins and ends with ease.



Our vision at Victoria Parking LLC is to redefine the parking experience for travelers. We strive to expand our footprint beyond Newark, NJ, bringing our exceptional service to cities nationwide. As we grow, we remain steadfast in our dedication to affordability, security, and convenience. We envision a future where Victoria Parking becomes synonymous with stress-free travel, where customers can rely on us for seamless parking solutions that enhance their overall journey. With our exceptional team and unwavering commitment, we aspire to set new standards for the parking industry and become the go-to choice for travelers everywhere.